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A client may consult a lawyer on an ad hoc basis, to obtain an answer to a legal question she or he faces, or as a first step before mandating the lawyer to represent her or him in judicial or extrajudicial proceedings. In both cases, the consultation generally involves a face-to-face or videoconference and handing the client a written document that formalizes the problem and the proposed solution(s).
Several scenarios are possible:

  • Face-to-face interview or videoconference followed by a written consultation: 250 euros (300 € TTC)
  • Written consultation: 250 € HT (300 € TTC)
  • Simple question not requiring an interview of more than 30 minutes and a written report of no more than two pages: 150 € HT (180 € TTC)

If the consultation is followed by judicial or extrajudicial proceedings, it will not be invoiced.

Except for one-off legal consultations, for which only an invoice will be issued, a fee agreement is signed between the lawyer and the client at the beginning of their relationship; after an initial meeting during which they will have determined the most appropriate billing method for the case.

This agreement provides for the fees and expenses that the lawyer may charge as well as the diligences due and it will frame the upcoming relationship.

The model fee agreement used by the firm is available upon request by email at

Adelus Avocat accepts to be paid with aide juridictionnelle.

Billing on a flat-rate basis means that the lawyer and the client identified a specific goal, and a flat-rate is charged to pursue it; regardless of the amount of work actually required.

Nevertheless, a report of the diligences undertaken is presented to the client at her or his request or at the closing of the file.

In the firm’s practice, time-based billing is the rule while flat-rate billing is the exception. A flat-rate can be considered for predictable procedures and cases, notably:

  • Negotiation, drafting and registration of an extrajudicial divorce;
  • Negotiation, drafting and homologation of a parental agreement;
  • Creation of a foundation, an endowment fund or an association.

Adelus Avocat usually uses time-based billing because it favors the best service for the client and a fair remuneration for the lawyer.
The hourly rate is agreed upon at the start of their relationship and stated in the fee agreement signed by the lawyer and the client. Adelus Avocat usually bills 250 € without taxes (300 € including VAT) per hour. This fee can be adapted according to the client’s situation and the complexity of the case.

The client will be asked to pay by instalments of 5 hours of work; 1.250 € HT (1.500 € including VAT). A new provision will be requested when the 5 hours of work have been completed.

Each diligence, and the time necessary to accomplish it, is recorded in a time sheet that will be attached to the invoices.

A success fee may be agreed upon in the initial engagement letter, or by an amendment to it. This fee will depend on the procedure, the objectives determined beforehand, and the results obtained.

Payment terms are tailored to the client’s situation, the billing method and the fee. As a member of an accredited association, the Firm can receive payments by check. Payments by bank transfer are preferred; the bank details will be specified in the invoice.

In case of dispute, it is possible to contact the President of the Paris Bar Association: click here.

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