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Edouard Adelus created Adelus Avocat in 2022

Since I was sworn in in 2020, I have focused my practice on family law, property law and civil law thanks to my professional experiences at BWG Associés and Véronique Chauveau et Associés. I am also competent for civil liability cases.

I can especially help you on all aspects of family law, whether it be human issues – especially those of filiation, parental authority, divorce or irresponsible adults – or patrimonial issues – or patrimonial – including inheritance, liquidations of matrimonial regimes or the drafting of marriage contracts (prenuptial agreements).

I created Adelus Avocat to provide my clients with the advice and services best suited to their specific situations.

Having lived in the United States for more than four years (in Georgia and New York), I am perfectly bilingual in English. My international outlook is also fostered by a thorough university education in international law, both in Paris and New York, and a particular affinity for cases with foreign elements. I am also a lecturer and tutor at the Institut Catholique de Paris in the Master’s program in family and estate law.

I am currently admitted to the New York Bar and to the Paris Bar. I have been trained in collaborative law.

I am therefore able to accompany and represent you in overcoming any private law difficulty you may be facing.

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